ialc - International Association Logging Championships


Sponsoring Pool

The ialc-Sponsoring Pool welcomes you on the homepage of the world association ialc. The present three members of the ialc-Sponsoring Pool are:

Ingrid Ekström

Anton Pfanner

Simeon Schaaf

Husqvarna Group

Pfanner Schutzbekleidung GmbH/
Protos GmbH

AG & Co. KG

S-561 82 Huskvarna

Herrschaftswiesen 11

Badstrasse 115


6842 Koblach

71336 Waiblingen






The companies represented in the ialc-Sponsoring Pool demonstrate by their membership in this ialc-Sponsoring Pool their declared intention to support the aims and projects of the ialc, especially the organization and realization of world logging championships, in a long-term and sustainable manner. Each member of the Sponsoring Pool has in principle the same rights and duties.

All members of the Sponsoring Pool enjoy within the ialc the status of a

„Main Sponsor of the ialc"

This status has absolute exclusiveness which means that neither the ialc and its sub-organizations, nor a member nation of the world association are allowed to grant or use this status for further purposes internally or publically in conjunction with an event of the ialc. On top of that this status opens access to exclusive opportunities for advertising and publicity.

You are interested in becoming a member of the Sponsoring Pool and presenting your company within the scope of extremely attractive sports events around the chainsaw? Then, please, get simply in contact with the spokesman of the ialc-Sponsoring Pool under lars.klein@stihl.de
or with margaretha.finnstedt@husqvarnagroup.com
or with info@pfanner-austria.at