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Scoring Reports / Set of Rules

The scoring reports which are placed in the internet, are supposed to help the competitors to identify what is measured, judged and finally rated in the individual disciplines.

On the whole, only minor details of the set of rules have been altered in comparison with the championships in Torino. There are plans that in Estonia the nations will be in a position to propose changes to the set of rules. Provided they will be approved by the nations, these changes will be implemented at the occasion of the next championships in Belgium. Appropriate application forms will be sent out to the members of the ialc prior to the gathering in Estonia. The set of rules, as it exists today, is intellectual property of the ialc and may be ordered from the ialc-office. The copyright is in the hands of the ialc.

The following applies to the regulations issued by ialc:

• The "mother regulations" are subject to the German regulations
• For translations the German and / or the English regulations are to be used
• Some of the published rules except German and English have been translated used
• There may be translation and / or interpretation errors.

Please inform us of such errors by mentioning where and with the correct or appropriate translation in the appropriate language.


Application form for changes to the regulations

Discipline Relay Race


 Regulation challenge trophies