ialc - International Association Logging Championships


Organizational Chart

The chart was presented to the nations in Torino, too. Due to organizational reasons, some positions had to be changed in the meantime. The chart placed in the internet shows the structure of the organization today. This is also an area where nations may express their opinions in Estonia and propose alterations. It is the aim of the ialc to see as many nations as possible leading the association. Up until now this goal has been achieved only partially. We hope to improve this situation in Estonia. It has to be considered, however, that a board of directors whose members are recruted from different nations, is also permanently confronted with language problems. Apart from that one has to see the fact that the composition of the board of directors is also linked to considerable costs. These costs increase tremendously, if the members of the board live far away from each other.

The board of directors, as it exists now, will be newly elected in Estonia. Changes in the composition are most likely to happen. All nations are asked to make proposals for the coming elections of preferably multilingual persons. The member nations will also be informed in this matter by a special form which still waits for being sent out.